The smarter pursuit prevention device

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The XHAUSTR is generating a buzz in the world of law enforcement and beyond. This exciting new product effectively disables vehicles and eliminates pursuits before they begin. It’s a reliable product that stands up to the roughest situations because it’s designed, developed and tested by actual police officers.

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  • Stolen Vehicle Task Forces
  • Fugitive Apprehension / Warrant Teams
  • SWAT
  • Narcotic / Gang Task Forces
  • Bait Car Operations

the possibilities are endless

What people are saying

"The XHAUSTR is a game changer, it allows officers to be proactive in apprehending suspects while preventing the typical dangers of a vehicle pursuit."
Sergeant Todd (Las Vegas, NV)
"The XHAUSTR has significantly reduced my department's risk of liability by eliminating the dangers of pursuits. Our officers are able to do their job safely and more effectively because of this great tool. Thank you!"
Commander Hedden (Los Banos, CA)
"One of my biggest causes of stress is the safety of my officers. The XHAUSTR alleviates much of that stress by taking high-speed pursuits out of the equation."
Task Force Supervisor (CA)