About Us

Safety is our mission at XHAUSTR Industries. We design our products at an intersection where crime-stopping efficiency meets the safety and security of our community and law enforcement. Our goal is to develop tools that will impede crime and eliminate the risks associated with pursuits.

By implementing the knowledge of law enforcement officials and thinking beyond the traditional view of crime prevention, we are confident that we can reduce police pursuits dramatically. At XHAUSTR Industries, we continually work towards developing the most effective tools for law enforcement.

Let’s face it – the public’s view of police pursuits is growing progressively worse. People want criminals off the street, but the risks associated with pursuits are often too great.
With the XHAUSTR, you get the best of both worlds. The product proves that arrests without risks are possible.It effectively terminates pursuits because it’s produced with knowledge and experience that only law enforcement officers can bring.

The XHUASTR proficiently executes its intended purpose while providing additional benefits. It dramatically reduces a department’s liability in addition to increasing both officer and public safety. Even with a single use, the XHAUSTR can save tens of thousands of dollars and remove the difficult decisions associated with pursuits.

XHAUSTR Industries is proud to support"PursuitSafety". Our mission at XHAUSTR aligns with PursuitSAFETY’s goal to stop pursuits before they start and to reduce the number of deaths and injuries as a result of police pursuits. We are proud to partner with PursuitSAFETY by awarding a full XHAUSTR kit to the recipients of their annual "Safer Way Award".

If your agency has used the XHAUSTR to apprehend a fleeing suspect, please visit the 2016 PursuitSAFETY Safer Way Award web page by clicking here to make a nomination.