A standard XHAUSTR kit includes

Image 2
Tactical BagImage 2
6 Devices (2 of each size) Image 2
Expansion Ratchet and socket with LED Light Image 2
Mini-torch Image 2

Individual XHAUSTR devices can be purchased separately at any time. For best results, we recommend that you send each XHAUSTR in for refurbishment after two uses or if it has not been deployed in over a year. (note: for refurbishment purposes, a use is when the target vehicle is started while the XHAUSTR is installed)

The XHAUSTR is guaranteed to be “cop proof.” If the device is damaged, defective, or otherwise unusable during the first year after purchase, you may return it and get a replacement. Please contact us at anytime if you are unhappy or have concerns with the product. We will do everything in our power to make it right.

The XHAUSTR is for Law Enforcement use only. If you are interested in purchasing XHAUSTR products, or trying them risk-free, please call us: 408-874-6101